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Plans to balance work and family

Assistance and implementation of a plan to balance work and family in the company, under the following premises:

  • What does this kind of plan consist of?
  • Why should companies draw up this plan?
  • What advantages are obtained by a company that draws up this plan?
  • How do workers react when a plan to balance work and family is put into practice?
  • May companies obtain public acknowledgement if they draw up a plan to balance work and family?

Once the foregoing premises are covered, a Plan to Balance Work and Family will be drawn up, following these steps:

  • Drafting of the employer company’s commitment.
  • Definition of business policies in family/work matters.
  • Drawing up the measures adopted according to these criteria:
    • Quality employment.
    • Flexibility in terms of time and location.
    • Support to workers’ families.
    • Workers’ professional career.
    • Equal opportunities.
  • Publication of the family/work plan and creation of communication channels
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