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Mission, Vision and Values


To become a global business consultancy and technological services company, committed to Innovation, Quality and the Environment, which encourages a balance between family and work, following the synergies undertaken by our own workers.


To be acknowledged in our activity sector as a company holding stable and long-lasting relations with its clients, as well as with external and internal collaborators, by meeting their needs and expectations.

To do this, the company assumes the following personal obligations:

  • To better cover the needs and expectations of our main groups of interest: clients, employees, suppliers and Gesor in general.
  • To assume a social responsibility commitment in our activity
  • To consider ethical issues beyond a mere compliance with the law.
  • To generate new knowledge and to include it in our corporate policy through continuous innovation processes.
  • To examine our best practices in a structured manner, locating the relevant issues, as well as any support, alliances and strategy required to strengthen the same.
  • To encourage awareness of Gesor’s socially responsible and good corporate governance practice.
  • To uphold individual rights to safety, health and adequate environmental surroundings.


In order to achieve our vision, we have directed our business culture towards the Values of the Company, which guide the activity of all its workers and of the Corporation itself. These consist of:

Corporate Values

  • Excellence in management: Ensuring continuous improvement in our processes by integrating a process-based Management System into our corporate strategy.
  • Dynamics and innovation: Encouraging technological and methodological development in all business areas.

Organizational Values

  • Result-based approach: Ensuring an adequate acknowledgement model.
  • Collaboration: Establishment of effective communication channels and client participation in order to understand their needs and expectations, allowing us to build up stable and long-lasting relations

Personal Values

  • Membership in professional and individual terms: Reinforcing commitment and a sense of belonging, enabling a balance between work and family.
  • Team work: Encouraging team work and sharing of the necessary information, essential to improve the quality level of our activities and products
  • Proactivity and participation: Valuing initiative as a key factor for development.
  • Responsibility: Prevention of harmful or negative effects on the environment, optimizing the use of energy resources and reducing waste production by applying continuous improvement programmes and establishing environmental objectives and goals.
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28010 Madrid (Spain)
Phone: +34 91 444 17 00
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Grupo Gesor | Asturias
Edificio CentroElena, Planta 0, Oficina H
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33420 Llanera (Spain)
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Av. Princep d'Asturies 54, 3º
08012 Barcelona (España)
Phone: +34 934 15 72 95
Fax: +34 933 68 85 07

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